A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game started as a Multi-Player game, where players had to plan out actions and anticipate their opponents actions. I started programming it for a single payer game, and before i knew it, it was too late to add multiplayer. So here it is, my REDspace Controller Jam submission!

Note: Will not work with an Xbox controller! This game was designed for a SNES controller, and the inputs are mapped differently.

Note 2: Alternate Keyboard Controls:

a Button = x

b Button = c

Start = enter(return)

Select = right control

L = Left Shift

R = Right Shift

Install instructions

Download, unzip(7Zip) and run


RP-Strate-G_Mac_1.app.zip 14 MB
RP-Strate-G_Windows_1.zip 11 MB